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This site is being discontinued starting March 1 2016. 
Please check out our new web site.
 Welcome to the 
Montana Sleep Society Website.


 Montana Sleep Society Membership Renewal

Membership with the Montana Sleep Society runs on a CALENDAR year and expires on August 31 regardless of when dues were paid.

The Montana Sleep Society is an organization devoted to providing educational opportunity for sleep technologists, physicians, dentists, respiratory therapists and other health care professionals with an interest in the field of sleep medicine.

We aspire to keep an eye on legislation that may impact the field of sleep medicine and potentially affect our ability to practice as sleep technologists in the state of Montana.

We have created a scholarship fund in memory of Vicki Bellew to provide educational funding.

In order to have nominations and elections, we must have PAID members.  If you want to vote, run for office, or benefit from the member discount for the Montana Regional Sleep Seminar, you must be a PAID member.

A society cannot exist without members, and the Montana Sleep Society has been limping along with a handful of active members who see that the Montana Regional Sleep Seminar is available to you as an extraordinary educational opportunity with an exceptional reputation for the caliber of our speakers.

We need members for the Montana Sleep Society to survive. Without the Montana Sleep Society, the Montana Regional Sleep Seminar will not be able to continue.

Please renew your membership (or join) the Montana Sleep Society either though the PayPal link on the “Join Us” page on this site  or by sending payment  with a copy of the attached form by U.S. Postal service to:



Montana Sleep Society

P.O. Box 202

Fort Harrison, MT 59636-0202


If you make payment via PayPal, please download the attached form, complete and return either via email to or print and send as above.

Thank you for your support of the Montana Sleep Society.


Karen Allen, President, Montana Sleep Society

Julia Walker, Secretary/Treasurer, Montana Sleep Society









News: Check out the new changes to the AASM recomended patient to technologist ratio on our  link.


News: BRPT response to physcian group planning new technologist testing!!


If you are a dentist in Montana and would like to be given information please contact us at 





Something New for You!

Check out this new tool for members to use to increase community awareness in your area. 


Print as many as you need and drop them off at doctors and dentists offices and anywhere you think will make an impact on the reader.  MSS_WANTS_YOU_TO_KNOW.doc


Have fun and be creative!  What about churches or gyms?"